Friday, June 17, 2011

Barndoor Mount Project

Ever since I heard about an inexpensive mount called a Barndoor or Scotch mount for taking wide field astronomical pictures, I have wanted to make one.

A recent trip to Klamath Falls and some subsequent observing has re-kindled my interest in astronomy, as a result last weekend I started building my own barndoor tracker.

There are dozens of pages related to barn door trackers on the web.
I wanted to keep my design simple and relatively math free so I went with a curved rod design much like this one

I had some left over 1/4-20 all thread and some misc bits around the garage, all I would need to buy is the motor and gears.

Well I ordered a 1RPM motor from servocity along with two 60 tooth gears, and some parts to connect them all together.

They arrived yesterday.

Here is a picture of the motor wired up so I could test it

When I get home I will add some more pictures of the mount during construction.
With any luck, first light will be this weekend...

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