Wednesday, May 29, 2013

My Poor Neglected Blog

I am going to have to go through and re-tag a bunch of posts with the "neglected" tag since I seem to take so long between posts that I almost always start out lamenting the fact that I don't post enough....HA.

So its been what like 8 months or so since my last post.....that makes Lily 8 and a half months old now.

She is growing up so frighteningly fast.  It seems like she learns something new every week, its crawling now and she loves being chased.  She has so much energy that when she is crawling and I come up and crawl after her, she "peels out" with her legs working so fast that they just slide on the hardwood floor without making any forward progress.

In addition to Lily, there have been some HUGE changes in my life.