Wednesday, May 29, 2013

My Poor Neglected Blog

I am going to have to go through and re-tag a bunch of posts with the "neglected" tag since I seem to take so long between posts that I almost always start out lamenting the fact that I don't post enough....HA.

So its been what like 8 months or so since my last post.....that makes Lily 8 and a half months old now.

She is growing up so frighteningly fast.  It seems like she learns something new every week, its crawling now and she loves being chased.  She has so much energy that when she is crawling and I come up and crawl after her, she "peels out" with her legs working so fast that they just slide on the hardwood floor without making any forward progress.

In addition to Lily, there have been some HUGE changes in my life.

On May 24th I left my job of 13 years at TCS to join the ranks of a cloud computing solutions provider startup.  My first day is June 3rd and I am super excited.  So far I really like what I see and while I was initially apprehensive about my ability to shift gears into a slightly different role, I spent a couple hours in the office today when I picked up my equipment and was able to actually contribute to some work that was being done.  My official title is Sr. Cloud Database Engineer.....impressive sounding I know......don't ask me to describe what I do though yet.

I have a feeling that this will be a big year for us.

Bonnie is doing great and still loving the stay at home mom gig.

I am looking forward to our vacation to my friend Karen's wedding in Boise on the 15th and Table Mountain in August.  Bonnie and Lily will be with me the entire week since we have a cabin at the new site.  I think its going to be a great time this year and it should be a lot more intimate than previous years since we will have a single large scope field and be less spread out than we have been in previous years.

I have been doing more photography this year and shot my nieces prom pictures for her and her friends as well as several of Lily (duh).
here are a few of my favorite shots:
I like this shot, it has some nice bokeh on the tree leaves and I think the composition is well done
Shooting at 5pm can be difficult lighting when all you have is a speedlight, but I really like the wide angle and I think this shot has a lot of personality
My Niece and her friend.  I was about 12 inches away from them when I shot this.  I got some hotspotting on her forehead but I still really like this shot.  Its a fun shot.

A mostly normal shot that came out well.
I started working on my post processing and this is one of the first shots that I did that I really like.  I think it might be a little "green" but otherwise I like the look of determination on her face.
I really like this shot.  I think it shows a lot of her personality.  Even covered in cereal, she still has a smile .  I also think the composition on this shot works well.

Lily was a trooper this day.  All day with only a few short naps and she was still chipper as always.

Lily @ 6 months.  Some of these shots almost have a pastel like quality to them.  I like the way they turned out.

This was near the end of our 6 month photoshoot and I think she was starting to get antsy.

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