Thursday, July 7, 2011

Crazy Busy! TMSP Is almost upon us!

I have been slacking with my blogging lately.

My goal is one post a week minimum.  Its been 7  days since my last post.

I got involved with the Table Mountain Star Party two years ago and was asked to join the board of directors.
I capitulated and spent last year as an associate director and became a full fledged director this year.

My duties include managing the Information Booth, SwapMeet, Volunteer and Scope Judging Programs.

I have been completely busy getting prepared for the star party which is this month, the 28th, 29th, and 30th.
Some of that prep work has been working on the information booth info book, some spent redesigning the scope awards and selecting a new award vendor because our last one SUCKED.

The rest has been spent preparing my ride for the trip.

Seen here all set up on the mountain in 2009

 My ride being a 1975 Volkswagen Type 2 Riviera camper.

It was a productive weekend, I managed to replace the pushrod tube seals on the 1&2 cylinders, Sliding door seal (so tight its hard to shut now), and my ignition switch which was a lot easier than I expected it to be.

I have one more fuel line to replace, and then I need to dig into the starter because she has been hard starting lately.  Might be old wiring, might be worn/corroded brushes...won't know until I take it apart.  I also need to adjust the timing and put in the electronic ignition that I bought a few years back.  That may or may not happen before the trip.

I am really excited for the star party this year and hopefully the weather will cooperate and I can cross a few objects off my messier list.

On a slightly different note, there was a really neat article on NASA's webpage regarding a seriously nasty storm that has been raging on Saturn.  Read all about it here

Clear Skies!


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